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We can boast of realized orders for renowned Czech and foreign brands. >


Tereza Ramba - Dobrodruhům


Book of Adventurers Whose Author is and Popular Czech Actress Authentic Photos and Illustrations.
The Book at First Glance Captivates with Its Interesting Design,
Especially Original Binding With Open Sewing.
The Envelope of the Book is Decorated with Embossed Embossing.

Demotivační diář


Original Demotivative Diaries made for the popular Trio
3in1 - Nikol Štíbrová, Martina Pártlová, Veronika Arichteva.


Anna K - Světlo


This notebook impresses with its imaginative processing
and beautiful color contrast. On the notebook plates
Partial UV lacquer was used in combination with matte laminate.
Practical closing rubber bands match the overall design.

Skoda AUTO


For the production of these notebooks, the designs of our notebooks
G-Mnotes No. 1. Part of each side is a picture of the car,
which underlines the originality of the notebook. When scrolling through the notebook
, the car moves. Practical accessories such as closing elastic band,
Band on the pen must not be missing in the stylish notebook.


Komerční banka


diaries made of structured leatherette in the colors of logo
commercial bank. The records and logo are bumped.
The contrasting combination of ribbons and cover on the boards.

Česká spořitelna


These diaries in vibrant colors impress with the original cut
in plates through which you can see color self -adhesive bookmarks
post it. George banking is bored on the boards. Practical pencil strap is in color
harmonized with a tab ribbon.




in simplicity is beauty. The Eucerin diary cover cover is made of a fine canvas in a pink shade. The logo embossing torns
an elegant look. There are also practical accessories such as
rubber band and penloop on pencil, which are harmonized
in gray color.



For Depend, we design a complete graphics of the boards and inner block every year. Diaries are full of interesting
elements and gadgets. The boards are made of 3 types of leatherette.
The year is a combination of blind and plastic application. /> There are also two color bookmarks.