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Custom-made books

Are you writing your own book, taking photos, love to cook and would you like to let the world know? We will print it for you. Whether the book will serve for you and your surroundings or you want to put it on sale, our technology and printing machines will do the best job to make you satisfied.

Our biggest project was the printing of the book EPOPEJ, where we used the highest possible raster printing to make the photos a realistic reflection of the original.

Among our customers are Publishing houses from all Europe. For example Herder, Jovis, Calwey, etc.


Printing and book production 

You can choose between hard or soft bindings. We produce books with sewn or glued binding. Hardcover books are suitable for demanding pictorial publications and fiction with an expected long shelf life. Paperback is suitable for less demanding publications such as various monographs or scripts.

Whether the binding is sewn or glued, we always guarantee high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


Format of the book

The format of the book should correspond to the printing dates. The sizes of the individual bindings vary.

For hardcover, the minimum size is 70 x 100 x 2 mm and the maximum size is 305 x 370 x 30 mm or 280 x 375 x 80 mm

For paperback, the minimum size is 75 x 110 x 2 mm and the maximum size is 300 x 360 x 40 mm It is up to you which size you choose.

It's about the page layout. We can help you with the graphic design.


Number of units and range

The minimum number of pieces is 300, the maximum number of pieces without omnibuses with the possibility of subsequent reprinting. In order to choose the right processing, we need to know the expected number of pages.


Type of paper book block

For a book full of photos we recommend to choose coated paper, the colour of the photos always comes out best on it. For textual content, offset paper.



You can liven up your book with many accessories, be it ribbons, pockets, banderole... It's up to your imagination.


Contact us at sales@graspo.com and our experienced sales staff will be in touch to discuss the details.