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Complete instructions for creating an eco -rank and ancestral farm

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Discover the eco -rank with us - another view of gardening and growing - and create your own paradise for yourself and your family. The author clearly explains the basic rules of the functioning of nature, in which it is very easy to create beautiful edible and natural gardens. These gardens require minimal maintenance and provide maximum benefit - rich harvest and lush nature in which you can enjoy life. No matter how much space you have - you can plant a balcony, garden, but also to set up a family farm. The book contains detailed instructions for creating your own garden design, which is based on popular author's courses. You will also find information about the little -known and neglected, yet original Czech types of vegetables, traditional and durable varieties of fruit trees, there is a chapter on animals and their importance for natural balance in the garden or why it is more interesting for children than golf lawn. The book is written in an understandable and funny form so that it is tempting for readers and becomes the basic study material for many other years in creating their own personal paradise. It is sufficiently readable for complete laymen, but also inspiring and instructive for experts and professionals.

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