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Print luxury publication book Epice


In Graspo CZ printer we have many years of experience with quality printing and demanding orders. When we were approached by the author's team of the book Epic, we knew that the printing of a luxury collector's publication with an important historical, cultural and artistic value would be a challenge and we started work. The best available photographic and printing technology, combined with precise Czech handmade, was used to produce the book Epic. We appreciate the fact that the author has chosen our printer for the press and we could participate in making the first and only work of its kind in the world.

We started our work on the book by demanding pre-printing. First we tested raster, from which the author Jan William Drnek chose a special hybrid raster spectacle 2 about the 650 LPI lineature. It is a variant of the grid, which is the most demanding for printing and at the highest level. Printing with a fine grid is not easy. On each page we processed a 1: 1 proof, we did a complete calibration of the whole workflow, in short, all parts of the production had to be optimally aligned. Our advantage is the fact that we can procure calibration ourselves without the help of an external company.

SRC = "https://www.graspo.com/upload/epopej.png" alt = "book Epic | Source: www.slav-epic.com" Width = "938" Height = "652"/>
Book Epic | Source: www.slav-epic.com < /Span>

For printing a large format book Epic with dimensions of 62 cm x 42 cm, we used the 1010P 710P. The preparation of the machine takes a few minutes during ordinary orders. This contract was carried out prints that were controlled, comparing the details, and then the good sheets were printed. We printed the contract separately by the face-rush without the use of a turning device. First, the printers were printed by the reverse side, then a thorough inspection was carried out, followed by printing of the face sides of the sheets and then printing with a dispersion varnish. The author of the book Jan William Drnek himself supervised the printing process for several days.
In the printer we also participated in finishing processing. We provided part of the post-press, specifically folding and toleration. We chose a special approach to the folding, we folded the sheets gradually after twenty pieces per quarry. Unloading from the folding machine carried out the workers manually, then manually cast four sheets into each other and then napped the components for the production of V8 binding. For 100 % safe transport we have made special transport boxes. In the case of the book Epic, however, it was an absolutely above -standard course of the contract. The production of demanding publications is often accompanied by the participation of the contracting authority during the press. Such requirements are in the GRASPO CZ printer of obvious service.

book Epic | Source: www.slav-epic.com < /Span>
Book Epic | Source: www.slav-epic.com -jp-

What arises from the combination of the best printing technologies with precise Czech production? Book Epic!