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Plan your life using the right planner


The trend in the leaves comes to us slowly but surely. Someone will imagine a rowed paper with bullets to check it into it in a sheet, someone just planners in the true sense of the word. Demand for planners is still growing and we wanted to go with the times and fill the desires of paper enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to buy “pre -prepared” planners and only pre -sold them to our eshop. But we didn't want that, so we decided to put a little heart in our planners. We addressed, a proven graphic artist who also participated in the creation of our beautiful Lady diaries , and this cooperation created our new monthly and weekly planners. We will be happy to introduce them here.

Monthly Planners

Everyone knows how difficult it is to ever keep the idea when so many duties are rolling on us from all sides. And what if you have to remember not only your duties, but also the duties of family members, for example? Or do you have so much planned that you just have to make a month in advance where your priorities stand? He understands, we understand, we know it. For these busy opportunities we have monthly planners " abstract " and "href="/mesicni-planovac-kveta"> flowers " . A simple layout with a place to write the date will help you organize your life for months ahead! Plus is also its interesting, neutral design that will fit into any home.

paper weight is higher than the usual planners, so use the felt -tip pens at will, you do not have to worry that the markers will delete your table. And that counts!

By the way, where are you used to leave your planner in your eyes? On the table or clipped on the refrigerator?

Do you know that you are buses and do you like to have your life completely under control? So you need to introduce our weekly planners. We have 3 kinds. Thanks to the planner, you will have all your weekly goals and duties under control and constantly in your eyes. We created the planner so that you can write everything that your head does not hold, each day of the week separately. You can then write your notes and tasks into a separate box.

But it is up to you whether you leave it on the table or attach it to the refrigerator, where it easily provides the role of a guard for the breakdown of housework, rings or diet. Whatever you use, your timeless design will surely serve as a nice decoration. You can choose from black Elegance > And adorable romance . Your creative soul will choose what is closest to her. :-)

Weekly planner/monthly planner

format A4

55 sheets/15 sheets

Blocking Block

paper weight 120 g/140 g

Timeless Design

So what, which one is yours? We also thought that none of us were infallible, so for every planners you have 3 extra sheets .... but you know - if something..tak come to choose and Let us know what your champion is.


You can decorate your diary in the new year, for example, with these stickers. You can choose from 30 types on our e-shop.